Our students are in crisis…a crisis of confidence.

We know that students who work hard and have the right attitude will be well-equipped for the future. The problem: many kids aren’t realizing their full potential. For most, it’s not a question of ability or intelligence. Instead, it’s a lack of confidence that inhibits students from realizing their capabilities.

Paid for Grades is a not-for-profit organization supported by local businesses in the Tampa Bay area, working in partnership with the Pinellas Education Foundation. Our goal is to foster a generation of students imbued with the skills and confidence they need reach their potential, both academically and socially. This will set these students on a path toward professional and personal success throughout their lives.

The key to this mission is providing a concrete, material incentive for students.

The idea is straightforward: high school participants who successfully complete the program by meeting predetermined benchmarks and completing an online life skills course will receive a $500 cash award…simple as that.

The prospect of receiving a cash payment motivates students to stick with the program. As the months progress, though, most students find that participating in Paid for Grades offers its own rewards!

“Students become more interested in investing in themselves, because you’re showing them that they have potential.”

Monica Eaton

Students gain a new degree of confidence as they improve their grades and expand their skill sets. This will pay dividends throughout their life as they rise to realize their potential.

If you’re a teacher or administrator, click here to learn more about bringing Paid for Grades to your school. Or, if you’re interested in partnering with us to empower the workforce of tomorrow, we’d love to hear from you today!

With the help of our local partners, Paid for Grades is transforming our community…one student at a time.

Find out how your business or organization can play a role today.