You might be asking: why worry about workplace expectations now?

The fact is that young people can face some difficult challenges when entering a competitive and dynamic job market.

There’s no clear, step-by-step guide to identifying and landing opportunities. Plus, there’s the perception problem; adults sometimes tend to have a negative outlook on young workers, believing they don’t care about improving their community, doing good work, or bettering themselves at all. That’s just a stereotype, of course, but it’s still an obstacle that you’ll need to overcome.

You need a way to disprove the critics, gain a competitive edge, and set yourself apart from the crowd. This is why our life skills modules are such an important part of the Paid for Grades program. Through these lessons, you’ll learn how to boost your confidence, improve your skillset, and make a positive first impression. These are all things that will set you up for lifelong success!

To help, we’ve prepared some sample materials that you can download and modify to help land your next big opportunity:

Cover Letter

A cover letter should accompany your resume. It introduces you to the person reading your resume, giving them a positive first impression of you as a professional and courteous candidate.

Thank You Letter

The thank you letter fills a few different functions. It reinforces that you’re a professional, considerate, and well-mannered candidate, while giving you another chance to upsell your skills to a potential employer and ensure that you stay at the top of the hiring manager’s mental list of candidates.

Resume Template

A resume is a document that quickly and succinctly outlines your qualifications for a position. It will list your educational background, your prior experience, and any valuable skills you have. This sample resume should serve as a template that you can modify to reflect your personal experience and expertise.

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