Paid for Grades is making headlines on FOX13 Tampa Bay for contributing to positive educational outcomes.

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The Paid for Grades Vision

Recent studies have shown that incentivizing academic performance through financial rewards can have positive effects on student achievement. This is where programs like Paid for Grades come into play.

Paid for Grades is a program designed to encourage low-income students to excel academically by offering them monetary incentives.

Our program aims to help ninth graders in three South Pinellas schools (Boca Ciega High School, Lakewood High School, and Hollins High School). As reported in the pieces, we provide cash incentives for students who improve their academic output, simultaneously teaching them about their own capabilities and potential for success.

Changing the World — One Student at a Time

Jaylon Scurly, a beneficiary of the program, shared his experiences saying, “You have to dedicate a lot of time to studying and sacrificing personal time.” Since its inception in 2013, hundreds of students have taken part in the Paid for Grades program, and Chargebacks911, a key sponsor, has donated over $1.5 million to students and schools.

Paid for Grades Founder Monica Eaton remarked that, even if the program changes just one student’s life, its impact could resonate for generations. Her vision is to encourage self-belief and transformation in students, leading to lasting change. “If you change the life of one student, that has such an amazing effect, it could change the life of an entire generation,” Monica explained.

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