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The goal of Paid for Grades is to help build a stronger and more sustainable community through improved literacy. The program will motivate underachieving students by providing the tools needed to improve their reading level. 

Everyone involved will reap the rewards! 



Clearwater High School •  2016


Boca Ciega High School •  2017



“Paid for Grades delivers what they promise. We have partnered with this program for the past four years and have found them to be very supportive and genuinely concerned with improving academic achievement amongst Clearwater High students.”

 Leslie Hopkins, Assistant Principal, Clearwater High School



Educational institutions are the foundation of success for our nation’s future generations. We depend on the strength of that foundation to provide the tools and knowledge needed for our society to advance. Get Paid for Grades recognizes that without schools, our future would be uncertain. As such, we recognize education as the single most important cause to support. Providing needed resources to schools is an investment in everyone’s future.  


Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan said, “Teachers are our nation builders—the strength of every profession in our country grows out of the knowledge and skills that teachers help to instill in our children.” Get Paid for Grades realizes that, as a community, we must do more to support the work of our teachers. We are committed to providing the needed resources to complement teachers’ current efforts.   


The first job anyone has in life is obtaining an education. Students must work hard to receive good grades, thus, allowing them to advance and obtain transferable life skills. Get Paid for Grades is committed to providing resources to students to build a solid foundation for success. Our hope is to inspire change—to encourage students to be leaders in their school, society, and economy.